Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Month Old

Dear Elijah,

You are one month old already and I can't believe it. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what our family was like with just 3 people and your birth seems so long ago. Other times I look at you and think "are you just visiting?"... it all seems so unreal looking down at your little body in the carseat sitting with us in church. In a way you are just visiting though. God has given you to us temporarily and you do not belong to us. Your heavenly daddy loves you so much and has given us such a huge responsibility to raise you! Being your earthly mom and dad is so scary and so wonderful at the same time!

You sleep really well (when you on't have a cold). Only a few days after we took you home from the hospital you were giving us a 4-5 hour block of sleep. I would never have even let your sister do that if she would've but since you were born at such a healthy weight and nursed so well I let you sleep! You do get fussy sometime between 8pm and midnight (once your sister is in bed and we want to go to bed, ha!) so we usually walk and rock with you or work around the house with you in the Bjorn. You sleep on and off throughout the day. You don't mind sleeping on your back swaddled up. Right before your one month birthday though you caught a cold and sleeping was really hard for you. You snorted and struggled for air and I'd have to walk with you to calm you down (waking up not being able to breathe would freak me out so no wonder you would scream). Luckily God gave you that reaction because usually a good loud cry would clear your nose a bit. :) We had to sleep with you on our chest in the recliner chair since all other positions (even carseat and swing) reclined your head back too far making the drainage block those newborn airways. One night I figured out that I had actually slept in my bed for only 20 minutes; dont worry I still love you Eli.

You eat great! You are a champion at nursing and sucking down the bottles too. You have such a strong suck that we actually requested a pacifier while we were still at the hospital so you would calm down and drift off to sleep. No nipple confusion for you at all.

You started cooing a little bit and giving us some little "false" smiles. You don't smile on demand yet but I'll be soon. Your pediatrician thinks you're a strong little guy: you've got loud set of lungs, a strong kick, and can pick up your head and almost your chest off the floor already. "Oh, Abbi watch out when your brother gets bigger than you!"

I love it when you lock eyes on me and you follow me with your face. Such sweet dark eyes.

You wear 3 month ("3-6 month" according to some companies) clothes right now. I tried to dress you in your newborn clothes for the first week so we'd get some use out of them but you never really needed them. Your size 0 shoes are really cute on you. You were put in size 1 diapers at the hospital already but when you came home I quickly put you in the one pack of NB diapers we had to use them up!

You weigh 11 lbs, 7 oz (79th percentile) and are 22 inches tall (61st percentile). Your head is in the 86th percentile so we'll maybe need big hats. he he

Here is your sister at one month old. When you were born there was no doubt you two were siblings and yet you are so different from her already. I can't wait to see your individual personality grow with you.

I love you so much already, Little Buddy!

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