Saturday, September 22, 2012

Run 4 Reading

Derek ran with a few friends in West Side Christian's Run 4 Reading on Thursday and he placed 6th overall! It was a pretty small group racing but he finished before a few friends (who ironically won for their age group/gender). He would have had to be 1.5 to 2.5 minutes faster to win anything anyway. I just would have been happy to be under 30 minutes! Ha! 
Derek finishing (in blue)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Photos

We had our last official photos of our little family of three taken by EVZ Photography and Elizabeth posted a few previews on Facebook. I can't believe that bright white belly is mine and yet most women can relate so it's really not that crazy looking. Plus, I'm sure the babe inside is pretty cute. :) Only a few weeks to go - slash - enjoy this little family of 3 that's mine!

Daddy's Shoes

I love to wear your shoes Daddy,
As you can clearly see. 
Pretending I'm as big as you,
For soon that day will be.
I hope to be like you someday,
Strong, patient, full of love.
You're the greatest Dad on earth,
With quite the shoes to fill.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Schwalliers Country Basket

We went to Schwalliers again this fall. It was so sad to see the empty apple trees. Some of the farms by our house had very limited crops this year but Schwalliers lost 100% of their crop to that freeze in the spring. Grandpa and Grandma Wright and Uncle Dan and Aunt Sarah came along too.We got to feed the goats, go on a wagon ride, go down the slide, ride a tricycle, play in the corn bin, play with the water pumps, and of course eat donuts and drink cider! Abigail sure has grown since last year

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Babymoon/Seventh Anniversary

Derek and I had a chance to get away for a long weekend in July to celebrate 7 years of marriage and have some rest and relaxation before the baby arrives. We didn't go all out like our first "Babymoon" but we were just looking for a little more down time anyway. 
 Even though it was the weekend following Independence Day we managed to find some campsites in Cadillac and Traverse City. Cadillac was showing their fireworks, having a celebration and everything. All we had to do was walk our lawn chairs down a few campsites and sit by the water to watch the fireworks over Lake Cadillac. The lake is a nice 10 mile bike loop as well. 
 After two days in Cadillac we headed north to Traverse City for the start of the National Cherry Festival. 
 There was no shortage of things to do there either! We had our bikes along so we made good use of the TART trails all around. There were vendors, shops, a carnival, and... a craft sale! 
 One evening we went all retro and grabbed burgers at Don's Drive-In. Then we headed to Honor, MI to watch some movies at the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre. 

 It was nice to be able to stay out late, sleep in, and ignore all nap times (except when we wanted our own!). 
 The last day we packed up and took a drive up the peninsula to Old Mission Point Lighthouse. 
 We found the cutest little general store too! 
All in all it was a great little getaway! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zeeland Zoom - 1st Place!

A few hours after getting home from Ludington we went downtown Zeeland so Derek and Abbi could run in the Zeeland Zoom 5K. 

It was a very hot evening and many of the houses along the route had their sprinklers set up to spray the street for the runners. Unfortunately for Derek, Abigail didn't want to go through any of them! 

I think she likes racing with Derek because she gets all his food at the end! I was so excited for them... they were the first stroller to finish (hence the title of this post)!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Allegan County Fair

It rained during most of the evening and was a little chilly but we still enjoyed walking around in our cowboy boots and seeing all the animals. We even stopped to watch the rodeo for a little bit. Grandma and Grandpa Wright and Uncle Dan and Aunt Sarah joined us too. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wilderness State Park

We love, love, LOVED Wilderness State Park and its vicinity. 
 Abigail was finally free from her hesitations about open water and play ed here for a long time. 

 I just love those little pudgy feet and frilly buns...

 Can you believe that belly?! Abbi just sits right on it. This picture really does make it look like I swallowed a watermelon! LOL. 
 We took a day trip to Mackinac Island and biked around the island (well, Abigail napped around the island). 

 Our ferry ride back took us on a bonus tour under the Mackinac Bridge; that was really cool!
 We played for awhile on the playground at the Mackinac Island Public School. I peaked in the window to see their classrooms already to start school that following week. Textbooks were all sitting out on the desks, they were very small classes though (number of students, I mean, not the room size)! 
 We absolutely loved the campground though! 
 A half-mile down the road from our campground was the neatest little convenience store. They make homemade donuts every morning and if my mom hadn't clued us in on that little gem... well, let's just say our caloric-intake would have been much lower. It's like standing next to the Krisky Kreme machine when the worker hands you a freshly made, freshly glazed donut... You don't really know what happened because that thing slides down your throat so fast you almost forgot you ate it! 
  lunch stop at a rest area: