Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elijah Andrew has arrived!

October 22, 2012. 2:01am
9 lbs., 5 oz. 21 inches.

Another drug-free Bradley birth... and we somehow cut labor time almost in half! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


We're still here. Just enjoying life. The closer we get to the baby's due date the more open our calendar has been so we've enjoyed just being home and playing. Everything's ready to go to the hospital and bring baby home so now I've just started random projects around the house. I suppose you could call it "nesting" although I'm not exhibiting any great big energy kicks to do superhuman tasks. I'm cleaning a window at a time and wiping baseboards one room at a time. I'm feeling great really; being 39 weeks pregnant and chasing around a 2 year old does leave me tired though. 

About that two year old...
Abbi's definitely changed in the last month and a half too. She's entered that official "Terrible Twos" stage. I guess it's better that we've had some weeks now to adjust to this rather than get hit in the face with it while we care for a newborn as well. Pretty much all family is in denial that she could ever act that way but Derek and I say she's just like 'bipolar' or something. It's crazy! Then the other day I saw this quote on Pinterest and it made me laugh out loud because that is just. what. it. feels. like. right. now. 

The fits or tantrums or swings or whatever you want to call them definitely increase when she's tired or hungry so sometimes I feel like I'm this crazy strict mom when I insist on naps or bedtimes being ON TIME but it really makes such a difference for all of our physical and emotional health around here. :) I don't blame her either, I'm pretty touchy these days if I'm hungry or tired! She does tell people that she has a baby in her tummy just like mommy so maybe she's experiencing sympathy symptoms! 

Oh, the emotions...
So I am feeling great. I think the hardest thing for me right now is the emotional part. We had such a great experience with Abigail's birth and so many of my friends have had "quick" births with their second child that I'm actually really geeked about it all: not just the cuddly newborn part but the labor and the delivery part too. I know it maybe sounds crazy but what an amazing and powerful thing your body can do all by itself -- nothing needed! (Yes, I'm prepared for anything that may happen... each birth has its own story so don't worry about me setting myself up for disappointment). 

The comments...
Now here's where this post gets a little cranky (remember I said I'm struggling mostly with the emotional side of things right now). Note: I won't get too cranky, I have students that read this blog! Up until these last few weeks I've been able to roll my eyes at the ignorant comments and questions that people make with ease. BUT. It's getting to me a bit. Here are the most frequent things I hear:

"Are you having twins?!"

"Whoa! You are with child!" as they take a step back...

"Just don't have the baby in the pool!" a typical comment at my AquaFit class

and this conversation is a typical one:
Observer: "When are you due?" (a harmless question)
Me: "oh, in about a ___ (month, 2 weeks, week, whatever it was at the time)"
Observer: "Oh wow" (usually followed by some foot-in-mouth comment that they're amazed I'm still pregnant or overdue or will I be induced soon... yada yada.)

Now, as I read through these again in black and white they really aren't that hurtful but it's usually the body language and tone that goes with it. I can't imagine the hurt many woman go through when they struggle with fertility. Derek just smiles, says I'm beautiful and tells me I should just say I've already HAD the baby when people inquire. I'm not that brave yet. Ha ha. 

Also, there are a good number of people that ohh and ahh over the cute tummy and tell me how great I look and what a perfect ball he is.... I don't care if they're lying, God Bless Those Saints. When you ask your husband, "how do I look?" 95% of his answer better be positive, even if the other 5% is truth about your smudged eye liner or whatever. 

But really. I'm only up 29 pounds (average is 25-35), I'm currently wearing my wedding ring (no swelling AT ALL), and I can still: 
  • tie my shoes 
  • shave my legs 
  • hop out of the side of the pool 
  • follow the first and second trimester ladies on my prenatal yoga dvd

So I think that makes me in pretty good health! 

The details...
I'm also amazed at the details others are willing to share (again, more eye rolls). Humans are social creatures, I know, but I really do not need to know the details of your birth or the condition of your friend's cousin's hooha and how "far along" it is... nor am I going to share my stats with you! 

The Due Date... 
And lastly, I think the whole "due date" thing is pretty hard for people to grasp. I know it is a bit confusing when you are supposedly pregnant for 9 months but then doctors count it by 40 weeks which  ends up being more like 9.5 months and the calendar starts even before conception. Then add in the idea that the baby is considered  "full term" at 37 weeks but a typical pregnancy could be anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks. So when you pass that magical "due date" you really aren't overdue like a gallon of milk ready to sour (or burst, which is what most body language alludes to). Now, as the lady actually carrying the baby I'm going to be ready in case labor starts before my due date because statistically that could happen, but the odds are pretty high that you could go into labor after your due date as well. The only reason so many woman have babies before is because they are induced, schedule a c-section, or just spontaneously go into labor early. It's like it's wierd to have a baby after your due date (which is just an average date anyway). Here's the other thing: 40 weeks is just some number some guy came up with in the 1800's. (I've read it several places, just not going to look it back up right now!) The most recent research indicates that the average pregnancy for a first birth is 41 weeks and 3 days, and second-and-on births average 41 weeks and a day. SOO my due date should really be November 2 (not October 25)! 

...and the end of this long post:
Ok, now that I've gotten that all out (it really was therapeutic for me!) and you've stuck with me I know you must really love me to still be reading this. You also now know that it would not  be a good idea to just call and "check up" on me. I think I'll just ignore your call and let it go to voicemail... :) 

I'm thinking the next post will be a baby announcement (Lord-willing right? God gives and takes) but you may see some back-dated posts pop up as I try to finish up posts from the summer before the little guy arrives. Thanks for reading and understanding! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn Weekend

On our way up to the cabin in Newaygo we stopped at Fruit Ridge Hayrides and played on their "playground" for a little bit.

 yup, my coat doesn't fit anymore...
We also stopped at the High Rollaway, a road side park with great views by the cabin.

We stay in our jammies a bit longer when we go up there... 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artprize 2012

 I was so amazed at the talent of these pieces... someone sure was close to their sewing machine for awhile!
 We couldn't find a 2010 for Abbi or 2012 for my baby bump.