Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Tall Tower

Abbi and Daddy made a TALL tower. She's better getting better and better at stacking and connecting these blocks. They play with them at daycare too so she's had practice. She was very proud of how tall they made it. Towers probably don't last very long with lots of little friends around so she could get it tall with no risk of Daddy knocking it down.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boston - Day Six

 waiting to board the plane

 She did really well. We let her out of her carseat for a little bit in the middle of the flight and put for back in for landing. She whined a bit for that but there was no arguing once she was buckled in again. 
We made it home!

Boston - Day Five

We had suspicions when a certain something was late so on our date night in the North End we stopped at a drug store to pick up a pregnancy test. A faint line on the right (left one is the "control") confirmed our suspicions... we are going to have an October 2012 baby! Hence the reason the blog is waaayy behind. Shortly after we returned home, morning all day sickness hit and certain things took priority over this ole blog (like laying on the couch instead). ha ha ha
 Anyway, onto the rest of day five in BeanTown. Derek and Dan went on some manly errands (Auto Zone, I believe) and Sarah and I pushed Abigail down to a local school playground. 

 She loved having the freedom to just run and play. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. You would never have guessed it was February. We really lucked out with visiting Boston during a warm spell. Although their winter was a lot like ours in Michigan, just warm all around. 
 For lunch we headed to Redbones for some ribs. I was feeling adventurous and ordered a combo plate. Oh. My. Word. That was a LOT of meat! It was good, but I don't know what I was thinking. :) We had to get a picture of it. 

 One last picture with Auntie and Uncle before heading to bed (Sarah would be off to work by the time we awoke and headed to the airport). 

Boston - Day Four

On Monday we decided to do the tourist thing and head down to Quincy market for some shopping. 
 We had some cookies for for a snack and Abbi showed off her new skill: making funny faces:

 The backpack was great for shopping! We didn't have to maneuver a stroller through aisles or worry about little hands grabbing merchandise. 

 I got my lobster roll and chowda. Mmmmm.... 
 Then Abigail rode on Uncle Dan's back for a high view. We walked to the wharf and down by the aquarium. It was soooo busy because Boston schools had the week off but we just wanted to see the seals outside by the entrance. 

 Then we took the T back. Abigail liked riding the train and still talks about it. 
 That evening we had a special treat: date night! Dan shooed us out the door, he was so excited to have the kiddo all to himself I think (with Sarah too of course). :)
 We have a picture of me on the Freedom Trail (the red line on the ground) from a few years ago in the summer and the temp was in the 90's if I remember right. A little colder in February, but not freezing!
Boston Massacre site (sort of)

Fannuel Hall
 We had dinner at Lucia's on the North End and grabbed some Cannoli from Mike's Pastry before heading home. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boston - Day Three

We went to Hope Fellowship Church in the morning. 
 Watching airplanes take off from Boston Logan while we wait for our Brewery tour to begin.
 This was the initial plan for the tour: the backpack. 
 [I don't] Love Beer. Love Life. Harpoon. 
 We were going to squeeze in the tour before naptime rather than wait until after the nap. We never made it off that first section of the tour without someone holding her because she tried to climb out of the backpack! :) 

 After a long nap, we went to Newton to watch Sarah and Dan play soccer. 
 Abigail loved running around inside and pushing all the buttons on the arcade machines. 

 Having a picnic on the bleachers during the game. They won 7-0!

Boston - Day Two

watching some Elmo videos
 After some grocery stops at Trader Joes and Costco we went to the Boston Public Garden. 
 First stop: the ducks from Make Way for Ducklings 
 She thought they were cute but the other little "babies" that were there took more of her attention. 

 Then we stopped at a Starbucks to warm up. 

 Another walk through the garden on our way to Newbury Street. 
 We found a few things at H & M we couldn't go home without. 
We ended our day with dinner at Uburger