Friday, January 22, 2010

Over Halfway

I'm not supposed to be surfing the internet this week (or next week) so I was going to email some belly shots to my sister-in-law, but I decided I might at well just put them on the 'ole blog just as quickly since there are more of you that don't see me everyday. I've grown out of some of my clothes and moved into some maternity pieces. I'm still in that awkward middle stage where I'm not quite fitting either style yet, but people are noticing and I think I look a little less "fat" and more pregnant so that's good. :) I'm over halfway there so that's fun. (21 weeks or 4.5 months).

Here I am with my friend Rachel at her baby shower. She's due March 1. It's so fun to have friends expecting around the same time! (Well, at least in the same year... ya know what I mean.)
Here's a picture from today. In the bathroom. At school. I'm not even looking in the correct place. Oh my. Mirrors are wired.

Here's a book I picked up a while ago from Family Christian Book Stores. It's short and sweet and lets me journal once a week. That doesn't seem like a lot but AT LEAST I remember to do it once a week then!

Cute note: the girls in my class (and boys too, just not to the extreme) are super excited about the baby and when they saw the book sitting on my desk one day they were all oohing and ahhing over the cover. I had to remind them today that if we keep talking about her everyday I'll go crazy having to wait. They understood when I likened it to a birthday surprise... the more we talk about it and think about it the harder it is to wait. They're so cute.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting our assembly line

My mom and I started our big project of making the pocket cloth diapers. We got all the cutting done and decided to complete one diaper so that she could see how it went. First we traced and cut out a lot of fabric with my hand drawn cardboard pattern (yes, I'm very official).

We set them out in my living room so we could match the different PUL (waterproof fabric) colors with the microfleece patterns. That was fun!

Then we started the one by first sewing on loop velcro to the outer PUL layer. Isn't that pink cute? :)

Next we sewed on hook and loop tabs onto the inner microfleece layer. It's hard to see the tabs but they're on the right side of the photo, which is the back of the diaper, just like a disposable. Cute duckies for the inside too. :)

Next we made a casing in the back of both layers, pulled the elastic through, and sewed them in.

The elastic was sized about 50% of the cloth so it gathered nicely. This is where you insert the soakers BTW.

Next stitch around the entire thing, with the good sides facing into each other.

Now attach the side elastic (50% again). Then turn it inside out and top stitch the whole thing. We had to make sure to pull that side elastic and top stitch next to it too.

The pink one we made today and the blue one I made last summer. We only have about 22 or so to go! At least they are all cut!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crinkly Taggie Squares

I finally did some crafting today from my long wish list that I made earlier. First I needed some scraps and old clothes I could cut up:

and lots of ribbon to choose from:

and an empty Cheerios bag:

I had to cut it all the same size (square-ish). Then layer it crinkly plastic, fabric good side up, ribbons with loops in, fabric good side down. Sew all around it, leaving one gap. Turn it right side out and top stitch the whole thing, closing the gap.

The finished squares: