Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daddy's caddy

(I didn't mean to rhyme the title, it just happened!) Abigail and I decided to ride along on the golf cart while Derek golfed 9 holes at Briar Hill in Fremont. We were staying up at the cabin for the weekend and thought a round of golf would be good before the summer was over. 
 We had fun with the cart! 
 The tallest flag Derek's ever seen... the hole was over a big hill so you had to be able to see it from the tee. 
 She played with this for awhile but as soon as we tried turning it in her hand to take a picture of it she got mad. Totally a toddler thing! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

What's better than a tea party or a pool party?

A tea party IN a pool!
 Abigail had her cousins over and they all fit in the little kiddie pool. It got a little crowded for her comfort though. 
 She decided it was more fun walking around outside of the pool: 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miniature Golf

 Now that Abigail is walking we decided it would be fun to do some miniature golf with her. We went to Loeschner's Village Green in Jenison.  It was a great evening to be outside and let her wander around the "greens". One of her favorite toys right now are balls so she was happy to walk around carrying two golf balls all night. 

 She would occasionally throw them down a hole. 
 Our attempt at a family photo. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flying High

Oh, I love that giggle!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Starting to walk

14 Months Old

At Fourteen Months Old Abigail... 

...sleeps from 9pm to 9:30am! This past month the bedtime has been pretty irregular with family in town, wedding activities, camping, and a trip to Wisconsin. I'm liking the fact that we can put her to bed "later" and then she'll sleep in for us. We get more time together as a family in the evenings that way. Otherwise it would be supper and bedtime pretty much. She also is on one nap a day: about 1pm to 3pm. 

...squints when she smiles. All you have to do is say "Smile!" and she squints right up.

...kisses, kisses, kisses.  She will kiss people, books, stuffed animals and dolls. She tried to kiss some kids in a shoe store in Wisconsin last weekend. It's cute, but it has her daddy worried...

...eats mostly table food. Her favorite foods right now: Cheerios, bananas, pretzels, toast with strawberry jam, crackers, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken [nuggets], and carrots. She still lets us give her pureed food, so we try to stick spoonfuls of veggies or fruit in her mouth at each meal. talking louder! She brought it up a decibel or two. Some of her new words include: nana (banana), rain, up, wee, wawa (water), bubba (any type of bottle), [buzz] for car , boat, truck, beep, toot, [pant] for a dog. 

...loves swinging. She will point at a swing and whine and say "wee, wee" when she wants to swing. 

...went swimming with crying. She was terrified but then we went camping and spent 4 days in the pool and she got used to it. I think it helped that the water was warmer and there were a lot of children to watch. walking -- no RUNNING! She will pull up on something, let go and RUN. Sometimes she gets all the way into another room before she falls dives unto her hands. It's definitely not a "controlled" type of walk or run yet. climbing up the stairs and everything else.  "up" she says by everything: the couch, a chair, the shelf in her bathtub, the door when daddy is on the other side, the bed...

...wears 18 months  to 2T clothes, size 4 shoes , and size 3 or 4 diapers (and cloth diapers).