Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Helping Daddy

Abigail loves to be outside and copy what Daddy is doing. On this particular day he was working on the lawn mower to get it ready for winter storage. (We flipped her bill up on her hat otherwise she has to hold her chin up to see where she's going)
 She also takes all the brooms and rakes and stuff out of the garage. 
 There's her abandoned sippy cup sitting by Daddy. She ended up grabbing a wrench from him and whacking the lawn mower with it... not sure she was "copying" Derek on that one!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day

I don't have many photos from Thanksgiving but we had a great day. We went to church in the morning and then stopped at home to quick give Abigail some lunch before heading to GR for lunch at Derek's grandparents' house. She was pretty hungry already and we figured it was a win-win because then we wouldn't have to worry about her eating and we could enjoy our meal too. She fell asleep on the 30 minute drive so with her catnap we didn't worry about trying to get her to take a nap at Great Grandma's.  I made the turkey for her shirt with some scrap fabric and ribbons (inspiration totally from Pinterest) and just tacked it on in a few places for the day. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacation... and bacon.

It 's that time of year again... time for the annual trip to Frankenmuth and Birch Run for Derek's birthday, a chicken dinner at Zehnders and some shopping. 

 She's still not a huge fan of swimming but I keep trying anyway...
 Can you find Abbi among the camouflage?
 Guess who didn't want to go to sleep until like 10:30pm and then was up from 3-5am, happy and awake as can be... only to end up sleeping with us until about 8am. A short night for us all. 
 Went stopped at Bronners to get a few ornaments and snap some pictures. Here's our photo from last year. Abigail loved all the decorations!
 The backpack worked great because it was hard enough walking through the store with so many people there that a cart or stroller would have been impossible!

This last one is a photo of our lunch at Tony's, a once in a lifetime experience where they serve their sandwiches with a pound of bacon on them. Derek and I split the Turkey Club and my parents split the BLT. It's funny that Abbi plugged her nose when I snapped the photo with my phone. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I like to fuss...sometimes

So we had the surprise party for Derek before his birthday but I wanted to do something for him at home, just the 3 of us... I decided to just make him a fun meal: decorated, 5 courses, a real menu.

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Snow in Zeeland

We got our first few inches of snow in Zeeland last night. It stayed for the better part of today too. A few neighbors even shoveled. Ha! It was fun to see Abigail's response. She'd run to the back slider and point to the deck, "thno, no... ah-side... winnow" (snow, snow... outside...window).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 30th Derek!

We managed to surprise him for a party at Craigs Cruisers! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

17 Months Old

At Seventeen Months Old Abigail...

...sleeps from 8:30 to 8:30. She had a few rough nights in September and October due to a 6 week long double ear infection and the fun (and sometimes late) activities of a wedding. Then the time change hit a few days ago and that messed up her naps and bedtime for a little bit. She is a GREAT sleeper though. Derek calls her a "champ". During her cold we actually helped her get to sleep by rocking her and snuggling. It helped to keep her upright for breathing and she was just not feeling well to be left to cry for 30 minutes every time. We had to break her of that once she recovered from her cold and the last 10 days or so I lay her down with her two "loveys" (pink bunny/blanket and musical giraffe)and she goes to sleep on her own, no crying or standing up. Yay! She stills naps about 1pm to 3pm for me every day.

...eats what she wants. She has definitely turned into a toddler and has her own ideas about food. She'll beg and cry for a cracker and then crush it and throw it the next time. She still eats most things cut up but I'm leaving certain foods in bigger chunks and she does well. Give her a chicken nugget, a bagel bite, or a slice of bread and she'll do fine taking bites from it. Sometimes she'll cram everything into her and then decide her mouth is too full and let it all just fall out. Ugh! She is also into "dipping" things now. It's cute, but you have to watch her or she'll do more than just dip and you'll have a big mess on your hands. She currently has 12 baby teeth, just those 2nd molars to come yet.

...talks all the time. I won't be able to name every word she is learning now because she picks up many everyday. She just says single words and doesn't piece anything together yet. She repeats the same things until you acknowledge it. Here's just a list of the words I heard her say today: Amen, mama, dada, bubba (bottle), num (yum), meow, [pant-pant], shirt (sounds like sh*t), off, up, ride, walk, baby, ball, tatter (cracker), nana, poopy, potty, coat, boot, hat, Sewah (Sarah), Ama, Papa, home, waining (raining), winny (windy), window, towel, pretty, hair, nose, eyes, no, owie, sock, apple, all done, moon, oon (balloon), wawa (water), hungy (hungry), sippy, moo, pumpin (pumpkin), caw (car), side (outside), bye, hi... and she understands a ton more than that because I just tell her to get her shoes and we're getting in the car and she'll go downstairs, open the closet, get her shoes and try to open the door to the garage. She also has her own language right now and that will be given in full sentences. She'll look right at you and say something that you swear has a specific meaning to her in "Abbese".

...runs and walks everywhere. She is a master at the stairs and climbing up on stuff. She can almost get onto our couches. She doesn't jump in place yet (just saw that in an online poll that's why I'm thinking about jumping and hopping, ha ha) but she is a cute little tap dancer. She runs right into things (like walls) and bounces off them. She'll either laugh or cry to get your attention and then decide if she should keep doing it.

...rides Sandy the Pony at Meijer every time we visit. She will also straddle your back if you lay down on the carpet.

...dances to any and all music. She is in constant motion all the time and loves a thrill. She plays downstairs (playroom) a lot more (if I'm nearby) and can go down her slides on her own.

...wears 18 month to 2T but is slowly growing out of 18 month. She was in size 4 shoes for awhile and I think she just decided to skip size 5 because most of her shoes that she fits comfortably are size 6 now. She is wearing size 4 diapers (size 5 Aldi brand!) and a few cloth diapers during the day when I'm home with her. Naptime works for cloth because she doesn't pee much when she is sleeping. That's definitely an area of "control" and muscle building that I've noticed lately. Ugh, we've battled the unending diaper rash though. I think it all stems from the eternal cold she had. We did 3 Rx cycles for that: Amoxocillin, Cefdinir, and Augmentin. At all those doctor appointments (every two weeks!) she recently was weighing at 24 lbs and 34 inches tall.

...is a joy. Her smile just lights up a room. She'll definitely shy away from a stranger and can tell good character in someone pretty quickly. She loves all kids and her family members and her mama and dada most of all. :) We're still working on Jesus with her but she's back to saying "Amen" with us when we finish praying.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Outtakes

 These make me laugh every time I flip through them. 

 This one is my favorite because both Derek and Abigail are just laughing because the "game" is so funny. Up, down, run away, repeat...

and it cracks me up because Sadie just sits there so stinkin cute while naughty little Abbi jumps up every time we set her down. (sigh) what joy. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


First we practiced on our own door. 

 Then we headed to "Papa" and "Ama" Wrights
Then we stopped at GG's (great grandma)
 (we stopped at Sadie's in between, she was a cute cheerleader)
We saw "Ama" VanderZwaag next.
 Then our last stop was at Miss Linda's before screaming running greeting the kids at our own door and handing out candy and pencils (I know the teacher in me just. can't. stop).
Here's Abbi and her haul: missing is a yogurt and two cheese sticks in the fridge. Both grandmas were awesome and gave good non-candy treats!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Annual Pizza and Pumpkins

(we're holding you to that "annual part" BTW Essenburgs)
We grabbed some pizza, a neighbor friend (his parents were on a date), and a few pumpkins and headed to our friends' house. 
 The two little ones did great. It helps when your friends are in the same stage of life and their house is just kid friendly with toys right there to play. Those two were cuties together. They definitely speak their own language. I swear they were talking about us!
 Neither one liked touching the goopy guts either. Ha!
 Sadie was just happy to sit there with everyone watching and Abbi would pop up every time we sat her down. She must've had a spring in her back pocket... maybe I'll show you the outtakes later.