Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Month Old

Abigail received these neat stickers to help track her first year's growth from our friends Ron and Jen. Hopefully I'll remember to do this each month!
At One Month Old Abigail...

...sleeps 3-4 hours at night. She went 4.5 hours one night. She fusses anywhere from 9pm-1am before she really is down for the night. Then Abigail and I can sleep in until 9am and even 11am sometimes to make up for the late bedtime. Dad isn't as fortunate to get that sleep since he's off to work at 6am, but he doesn't have to feed her either. She has no nap schedule but sleeps on and off and likes to be held. She doesn't always like being flat on her back in her bassinet and will sometimes fall asleep on Daddy's tummy, or nursing in the chair with me or in her Baby Papasan.
...eats Mama's Milk. She is great at nursing and seems to be gaining weight. She eats every three hours, even at night.
...plays ... hmm... not much here yet. Although she does connect with your eyes and can focus on things. She can even follow an object for a little bit if it is right in front of her face. She has no real control over her arms and legs movements, they just kick and swing randomly yet.
...wears Newborn and 0-3 Months but is quickly outgrowing the NB size! She still wears NB size diapers.
...weighs (8lbs. 15 oz. at her 2 week appt.) 21 inches tall.

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