Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Draff and Lubby

Abigail is such a great sleeper. She sleeps consistently from 8:30pm to 8:30am with a nap from about 1pm to 3pm (give or take a bunch on that one depending on what we have going on during the day and how tired she is). We know we are pretty lucky with her sleeping! Once the weather turned cold this fall we put her crib bumper back in to make it cozier. Since Christmas she has slept with a pillow and seems to enjoy it. She's always slept with a sleep sack on (I sew them from fleece for winter and cotton for summer -- they are super easy!). The sleep sack seems to settle her down so she knows it's time to sleep and it also makes it hard for her to walk around (or climb out of a crib). Plus, since blankets do not stay on her yet, this keeps her warmer. Basically, I figure it is like a little sleeping bag. 
 Her two comfort objects are a giraffe and a "lovie" (I dont know why they are called that, but that's what they are online and her cousins all called them lovies too. It's a stuffed animal with a blanket body). We tried to get her to attach to the lovie because we have too similar pink bunny lovies (so one could be in the wash) but as you can see from the above photo she really prefers her giraffe. He plays music and cannot go through the washing machine (sigh).
She calls him her "draff" and lovie sounds like "lubby". Aw.... sometimes I tell Derek I wish I could just shrink down and crawl in there and snuggle with her for a moment. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Down with the flu

When I picked her up from church nursery and she was in different clothes that should have been my warning. But kids have "blowouts" sometimes, you know? When I went to get her up from her nap this afternoon though... well, let's leave out the details and just say I ended up sticking her right in the tub, throwing all her clothes and crib bedding and stuffed animals in the washing machine, and bleaching down her crib. 'nuf said right?

She's definitely got the stomach flu and she's not herself. No wonder she hardly ate anything for breakfast or lunch. Normally she's not still for more than 15 seconds but this is how she was this evening:

So much to say

...and I haven't been talking much. I just needed a break I guess. Christmas came and went and then classes and homework started again. The semester ended and 182 reports needed to be done. Now I'm feeling the need to write some things down, remember some family moments and go through some photos. All in good time though. Hopefully I'm back to blogworld.