Friday, December 31, 2010

A Review of 2010

January: at the Bodies exhibit in Chicago

February: by the new Hoover Dam bridge on our Las Vegas "Babymoon"

March: on the northern pier at Holland State Park

April: camping with friends at Holland State Park

May: celebrating two sisters' graduations
June: Welcome Baby Olive! (her former nickname)
July: by Big Red at Holland State Park (hmm, I'm sensing a theme)
August: at Country Dairy while camping in Montague
September: planting Abigail's Tree

October: enjoying a mild fall day while camping at Holland State Park (you guessed it!)
November: helping unwrap Daddy's birthday present

December: cutting down the Christmas tree

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Party (6 of 6)

We had our little family's Christmas celebration on Dec. 26.
 We were setting up the camera in the photo above. I thought it was a cute photo because the fire was going, Abigail looked up and smiled and she's playing by her new chair from her grandparents.
 "Reading" a new book...
 This is a digital book I made with giant pictures of each member of our family. She smiled at the pictures liked she recognized them!
 Daddy bought her pink fleece camo!

Christmas Party (5 of 6)

On Christmas Day we went to Derek's old church and then headed to his grandparents' house for lunch. Notice the new stocking in the middle: just her size!
 Grandma and Grandpa make way too much delicious food! They even had two dishes made for Abigail! (Sweet potatoes and squash)
 Abigail and Derek's parents:
 I think they like it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Party (4 of 6)

(it tends to get hot with the fireplace going so Isaac was cooling off)

"Show me your muscles, Isaac!"

 The whole family
 Hannah wanted to read her book right away!
 Isaac too...
Gina found a quiet corner and worked here half the night.

A family tradition: making Carmel Corn

Christmas Party (3 of 6)

I'm so creative with my post titles I know. 
You just want to see the pictures of Abigail anyway, don't you. There are very few photos on our computer with her NOT in them! 

 Another group photo request... thanks everyone. It was cold!
 She really just liked the bows and paper this year.
 Love these two photos of her and Grandpa:
"Why don't YOU have squash all over your face?"
"I'll count. you hide. 1, 2, 3..."

Christmas Party (2 of 6)

 Grandpa and Abigail hanging out.
 Abigail and her cousin Cason. They're about 6 weeks apart.
 Great Grandma and her three great grandbabies from 2010.
 playing "Minute to Win It" games...
 Great Grandma and ALL her great grandchildren!
 ...and all her grandchildren (well minus two)
...and her children. Thanks for humoring me with all the photos everyone. :)

Painting Plates

We gave personalized gifts this year and used Abigail's hand prints to complete the look. Here are two plates we painted:


Here are the finished projects from my previous post:

I just used craft paint and used the photo as a stencil. Easy! I'll see if I can get a photo of them all hanging up on my mom's wall. They look better together.